20. February 2020

Cryos Tour

Tour of the Cryos International Sperm and Egg bank in Orlando from 6-8 PM.

Private bus pick-up at hotel at 5:30 PM Learn more.

21. February




From 7:30-8:30 AM

American Breakfast & Registration

8:30-8:40 AM
Garet Qualls 

Inspiration & Networking Connections

8:40-8:50 AM

Peter Reeslev, CEO at Cryos International


8:50-9:00 AM

Claus Ørsnæs Christensen

COO at Cryos International

Ethics, legislation & donor children 


9:00-9:20 AM

Elizabeth Grill, Director of Psychological Services at the Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine

Disclosure and anonymity: The impact of genealogy and testing on gamete donation -21st-century realities

9:20-9:40 AM

Ole SchouFounder of Cryos International

Who are the parents?

9:40-10:00 AM

Melissa Brisman, Owner of Reproductive Possibilities
The conundrum of using genetic companies to find donor parents

10:00-10:20 AM


Elizabeth Grill, Ole Schou and Melissa Brisman 

10:20-10:40 AM


Networking and socializing 


Donor sperm 


10:40-11:00 AM

Tony Anderson, Lab Director at Aspire
Quality control in the andrology lab

11:00-11:20 AM

Eleanor StevensonAssociate Professor at Duke University School of Nursing
Male Factor Infertility: Meeting men's unmet emotional and informational needs


11:20-11:40 AM

Ashok Agarwal, Director of the Andrology Center at the Cleveland Clinic
MOSI, Male Oxidative Stress Inefertility: A hope for patients trapped in an elusive condition called idiopathic infertility


Tony Anderson, Eleanor Stevenson and Ashok Agarwal​

12:00-1:00 PM

Networking and socializing

Donor eggs 

1:00-1:20 PM

Surprise entertainment 


1:20-1:40 PM

Saghar Kasiri, Director of European Operations at Cryos International
Corey Burke, Tissue Bank Director at Cryos International 

To Freeze or not to Freeze?! That is the question

1:40-2:00 PM

John Carroll, Inaugural Director of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute

Space, Time, and Energy in the development of the oocyte

2:00-2:20 PM

Céline Jacques, Data Scientist at Apricity 

Using Artificial Intelligence and time laps to enhance the patient journey

2:20-2:40 PM

Saghar Kasiri, Corey Burke, John Carroll and Céline Jacques 

2:40-3:00 PM


Networking and socializing 





3:00-3:20 PM

Juliana Cuzzi, Medical Science Director at Igenomix US & Canada

Non Invasive Genetic Testing (niPGT-A): is it applicable for ART practice?

3:20-3:40 PM

Anne-Bine Skytte, Scientific director at Cryos International 

Reproductive carrier screening


3:40-4:00 PM

Ben Davies, Associate professor at University of Oxford
The feasibility and associated risks of germline editing

4:00-4:20 PM

Panel & Sum-up
Juliana Cuzzi, Anne-Bine Skytte, Ben Davies.

End of lectures 


4:20-5:30 PM

Personal break 

5:30-6:00 PM

Cocktail reception


6:00-8:00 PM

Conference Dinner 

8:00-10:00 PM

Rooftop Party on the Pool Deck