The Cryos Symposium

21 February 2020

On this page you will find a highlight video, pictures from the day, and video interviews with most of the speakers about the subject that they presented on the day. 

Topics from The Cryos Symposium 2020 USA

  • Ethics, Legislation and Donor Children 

  • Donor Sperm 

  • Donor Eggs 

  • Genetics 



  • Dr. Elizabeth Grill - Disclosure and Anonymity: The Impact of Genealogy and Testing on Gamete Donation

  • Ole Schou - Who are the Parents?

  • Melissa Brisman - The Conundrum of Using Genetic Companies to Find Donor Parents 


  • ​Dr. Tony Anderson - Quality Control in The Andrology Lab 

  • Dr. Eleanor Stevenson - Male Factor Infertility: Meeting Men's Unmet Emotional and Informational Needs 

  • Dr. Ashok Agarwal - Male Oxidative Stress Infertility: A Hope for Patients Trapped in an Elusive Condition Called Idiopathic Infertility


  • Corey Burke - To Freeze or Not to Freeze? That is the Question 

  • Dr. John Carroll Space, Time, and Energy in the development of the oocyte

  • Dr. Céline Jacques - Using Artificial Intelligence and Time Lapse to Enhance the Patient Journey


  • Dr. Juliana Cuzzi - Non Invasive Genetic Testing (niPGT-A): is it applicable for ART practice?

  • Saghar Kasiri - Reproductive Carrier Screening

  • Dr. Ben Davies - The Feasibility and Associated Risks of Germline Editing


The Cryos Symposium 2020 USA

In 2017 Cryos International held their first ever Donor Sperm Symposium in Denmark. It featured educational talks on ethics, legal issues, genetics, and andrology. In 2019 the second symposium was held, and donor eggs were added to the event.

Following the success of these two symposiums we have decided to bring the format to the U.S. Cryos will host a number of enlightening sessions focusing on ethics, law, donor children, genetics, donor sperm, and donor eggs. We have gathered experts from across the U.S. and abroad to share their knowledge and provide the audience with a unique and timely learning experience.

We feel that as a significant member of the ART industry, it is our obligation to support the medical and scientific community. The symposium allows us to share the latest developments, research, and knowledge that further promotes the medial, scientific and ethical advances in our field.

We extend our invitation to join us for what we hope becomes a bi-annual event.

Kind regards,

Corey Burke 

Tissue Bank Director at Cryos International USA

Highlight video


Video interviews

Here you can find the video interviews from the speakers who joined us for a short interview on the day of the symposium. This page is for symposium guests only but feel free to share the videos on your social media pages from our YouTube channel. 





Speakers Presentations

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